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The Secret of Happy Life

– What is the secret of happy life? – asked the swallow once the badger.

– Never be anything other than what you are. – the badger replied.

The swallow thought about it so hard that he flew into a pole that made him dizzy and he could only fly after half an hour.

The badger learned something from this also. When later the fox asked him the same question, he replied so:

– Never be anything other than what you are. But do not think about it even for a minute, because you go like the swallow who flew into a pole.

– But I can’t fly. – said the fox.

– That’s right, – the badger said, – but you can also fall into a pit.

– Hmmm… – the fox said, trying not to think about the response of the badger.


I’ve written everything
What I got as a gift,
But still, it doesn’t stop,
Words are flowing,
Sentences are shifting from that reality
Where I came from, the relationship
Eternal and inseparable.
And I’ll keep writing tomorrow
And the day after tomorrow, months and
Years will come, and then that
I can write them, all the poems,
That I have time them to write
There coming another life.

Photo by Prashant Gautam on Pexels.com