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    1. Thank You for Your comment and I am glad to see that You like my blog. First, You have to decide what do You want to use Your blog for. What content do You wish to create? I think first time it is enough to have a free WordPress.com blog. You can try Yourself, You can see how many people read Your blog, what are the reactions. Then if You want more, than You have to register a domain name and buy an account at a provider. It is affordable even in Hungary. In each year I renew my domain name and pay for the account, It is less than a 100$ a year (domain+web site space with an account). It’s very easy to install WordPress on Your site, I think each serious provider has an easy WordPress install method. Than You select a theme, put on some free plugins, and let it go. First time I think I will earn a lot of money with AdSense, now I disabled it, in 10 years I earned nearly 50$, it is not worth to bother the visitors with ads, and You can’t make money from it. A site like mine can’t count on huge number of visitors, for AdSense You would need hundred thousands of visitors to make tangible income. Now the only important thing for me is to make good content. And I am glad to each new or returning visitor.

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