Find your way,

Then choose another one,

Because it’s Yours too…

I was born in Nyíregyháza, and I still live here. I graduated as a physicist, mainly because I hoped I understood how the world works and because I could only imagine myself as a physicist. Then I got my degree and realized I had a lot more questions than I had before college. It was clear that I would not be able to work as a physicist, partly because what interested me was not dealt with in Hungary, and partly because I already had a very different opinion on certain physical phenomena from what was accepted, I could say I was out of line, and third, I don’t want to deny that either, I realized during college that math is not my strength. To practice physics without mathematics is either philosophy or experimental physics.

Luckily for me, just at the time of writing my thesis, I was introduced to the world of microcomputers, and it immediately fascinated me. A 12-bit, 2 KByte memory, foil keyboard microcomputer based on an IM6100 processor was the topic of my dissertation, its programming, and what it could be used for when building a neutron generator. The whole machine was a printed circuit board, it didn’t even have a box, but it already had sockets that could be used to attach teletype, among other things.

What really fascinated me about programming was that it gave me an instant sense of success – if the program worked of course – I wrote the code on a piece of paper, wrote the octal machine code next to the mnemonics, entered the numbers with the foil keyboard, ran, and it worked in general.

I knew that computer science was what I wanted to do professionally, and another luck, in Nyíregyháza I managed to get there with a TPA-1148 computer as a system programmer. It was already really a real computer, with a terminal, a keyboard, a printer, multiple users at once. On this machine, I learned the first high-level programming language, Pascal, which, as Object Pascal, is still my favorite programming language.

Then came a MicroVax that really went to miracles at the time, but the real miracle was the advent of personal computers. When I first had the opportunity to have a computer at home, I tried very hard to own one as soon as possible.

I have been programming ever since, this is my job, and one of my hobbies, I spend a lot of time doing this, but I still have a lot of success with computing today, I can say I became addicted.

Then there’s the music, I’ve been listening to music regularly since I was 13, I started with an MK-23 tape recorder. High school was the time to find my way, especially Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Yes, hard rock and progressive music were my world. Then I was listening Tangerine Dream’s concert album “Encore” with a friend, it was an enlightenment-like experience, I realized that my real world is electronic music.

Then, in parallel with listening to music, I started playing guitar and playing a keyboard instrument, but over time, it turned out that I had no talent for either. I still like to improvise today, but that’s it, I’ll never be a musician.

Then somehow at the same time as electronic music and Ray Bradbury’s reading opened up another world within me, that’s when I started writing fantastic short stories around the age of 17. I had a lot with them, then Galaktika was the only fantastic magazine in Hungary, and although I met the editor-in-chief in person, I never managed to publish any of my writings. Even after the change of regime, I tried with an increasing number of publishers, without success. Regardless, I kept writing more and more short stories because I had to write and because I felt it connected me to a transcendent world.

And this world has touched me in other ways as well. There have been some great loves in my life and all of them have brought out some poems out of me. And these poems also came from somewhere else, I felt the presence of an upper world in them.

Currently, a fantastic volume of short stories is available in eBook and Print-On-Demand editions, unfortunately completely unnoticed for now.

The situation with the poems is quite different now. Last November, I started regular meditation again, and as a result, I wrote 366 poems in almost a month. I wanted to publish this too, but I soon realized that being a book writer and poet in Hungary is very difficult. There is only one option if one has put a lot of money into his book and then hopes to take it from it. Money, of course, will never pay off, because without advertising, no one will know about the book’s existence. Especially for books that are valuable and can only interest a narrow layer, advertising would be very costly and the expected revenue would be very small.

And then luck smiled at me again, I found a free book on Google Play about publishing electronic and paper-based books. I read it and just became enlightened again. If book publishing costs a lot of money and the expected revenue is small, then free e-book publishing is much, much more worthwhile. I will have no income, but at least I have no loss. I can gauge the expected readership, get to know those who wouldn’t spend on my book, and even get feedback.

That’s how I uploaded 103 meditation poems to Google Play. And downloads have started…

And here is this site, en.szucsjanos.hu, here I want to upload everything I find worthwhile, short stories, poems, philosophy, science, religion, and write about everything that concerns me, maybe even music later. It would be nice if there were comments, opinions, but I see for the time being just a few people reading the page, without any particular echo. No problem…

Accept everything as it is

Change will come anyway.

Email address szucsjan@gmail.com

LinkedIn URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/szj34870b199

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