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Hide and Seek

The animals decided to play hiding. They rarely have time to play, but now they’ve got it.

They all hid themselves, in carefully selected, excellent hiding places. Then they waited.

After a while, as nothing happened, they realized that they had again forgotten to choose a seeker, so there was no one to find them. Because they didn’t want to simply come out, they waited.

Fortunately, the badger just finished his afternoon nap, came out of his lair and looked around. Being individualist, he hated hide-and-seek, and being intelligent, not seeing any animal in the woods, and as the silence was great, he realized that the others were playing hide-and-seek, and they hadn’t chosen a seeker again.

He sighed a big one, then began to find them unhurriedly.

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The Secret of Happy Life

– What is the secret of happy life? – asked the swallow once the badger.

– Never be anything other than what you are. – the badger replied.

The swallow thought about it so hard that he flew into a pole that made him dizzy and he could only fly after half an hour.

The badger learned something from this also. When later the fox asked him the same question, he replied so:

– Never be anything other than what you are. But do not think about it even for a minute, because you go like the swallow who flew into a pole.

– But I can’t fly. – said the fox.

– That’s right, – the badger said, – but you can also fall into a pit.

– Hmmm… – the fox said, trying not to think about the response of the badger.

The Owl

Once said the owl to the badger:

– You badger, I’m sorry for you, it must be so boring to be always on the ground. I can fly, but if I want I can walk down too, I have a very interesting life, while you have just the ground.

– What you see as an owl is just a thin slice of reality. I close my eyes and I can go to places you will never get to. If I have to, I fly, when I have to, I fall, if I have to, I float on the water or dive or visit the stars.

– Oh come on badger, you know it’s just imagination, fantasy, illusion. It has nothing to do with reality.

– I haven’t thought it so yet. When I was too close to the Sun last time, I felt the heat, it was real for me.

– You just mislead yourself, I know you’re just a boring badger while I am a majestic owl.

The badger closed his eyes and said only that:

– Let’s fly to the neighboring forest! You haven’t started yet, but I’m already there.

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