Hide and Seek

The animals decided to play hiding. They rarely have time to play, but now they’ve got it.

They all hid themselves, in carefully selected, excellent hiding places. Then they waited.

After a while, as nothing happened, they realized that they had again forgotten to choose a seeker, so there was no one to find them. Because they didn’t want to simply come out, they waited.

Fortunately, the badger just finished his afternoon nap, came out of his lair and looked around. Being individualist, he hated hide-and-seek, and being intelligent, not seeing any animal in the woods, and as the silence was great, he realized that the others were playing hide-and-seek, and they hadn’t chosen a seeker again.

He sighed a big one, then began to find them unhurriedly.

André Cook fotója a Pexels oldaláról

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