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The Third

Neither outside nor inside
I am the third.
I was once a butterfly,
Angels with snow wings
Flew with me in the sky.

Neither above nor below,
Yesterdays grabbing me.
I really feel that I’m at home,
I am the third, I am the lone.

Neither friend nor companion,
I’m not an enemy either.
I did bring nothing,
I don’t take anything,
I can’t even cry.

Neither pebble nor mountain,
Just wide eyes open.
Neither David nor Goliath
I’m sitting on the edge of the world
And in silence I listen.

I am the third.
Autonomous statue,
Remained forgotten
By a hand to cut out
From the stone
When time once began…

Nyíregyháza, September 30, 2003

English translation: September 13, 2023

You Ask

I know you ask a lot of times, too,
what is the meaning of life.
Why the suffering, the pain,
war, fear of children,
all our hopes in vain.

With that, so am I. I want to know if it’s worth it.
But you know, it’s none of our duty
to decide if it’s good here to be,
is it good to think what’s life about,
because you can really find out
what is life worth
when it hurts
and You struggle for every breath
and You are happy for every minute
You can still get.

Aidan Roof‘s photo from Pexels