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The Third

Neither outside nor inside
I am the third.
I was once a butterfly,
Angels with snow wings
Flew with me in the sky.

Neither above nor below,
Yesterdays grabbing me.
I really feel that I’m at home,
I am the third, I am the lone.

Neither friend nor companion,
I’m not an enemy either.
I did bring nothing,
I don’t take anything,
I can’t even cry.

Neither pebble nor mountain,
Just wide eyes open.
Neither David nor Goliath
I’m sitting on the edge of the world
And in silence I listen.

I am the third.
Autonomous statue,
Remained forgotten
By a hand to cut out
From the stone
When time once began…

Nyíregyháza, September 30, 2003

English translation: September 13, 2023