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The Owl

Once said the owl to the badger:

– You badger, I’m sorry for you, it must be so boring to be always on the ground. I can fly, but if I want I can walk down too, I have a very interesting life, while you have just the ground.

– What you see as an owl is just a thin slice of reality. I close my eyes and I can go to places you will never get to. If I have to, I fly, when I have to, I fall, if I have to, I float on the water or dive or visit the stars.

– Oh come on badger, you know it’s just imagination, fantasy, illusion. It has nothing to do with reality.

– I haven’t thought it so yet. When I was too close to the Sun last time, I felt the heat, it was real for me.

– You just mislead yourself, I know you’re just a boring badger while I am a majestic owl.

The badger closed his eyes and said only that:

– Let’s fly to the neighboring forest! You haven’t started yet, but I’m already there.

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